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Down (feat. Duncan)

from Oasis - EP by Dylan Montayne



Produced by Breydan Torres and E.N Young
Featuring guest vocals by Duncan


Those city lights and those pretty eyes
and I bet you know you’re beautiful
I can’t deny that I’m feeling high
and I know it’s all because of you.

So will you be down, down, down,
just want you around, round, round,
so lucky I found you at all
So are you still down, down, down,
I want you right now, now, now,
So glad that I found you, but I just gotta know,
are you still down

Yeah I knew that there’d be days like this,
yeah I knew that there’d be days like this.
Where a pair of eyes would show me the future
and get me thinking bout the things I’ve missed.
So excuse me miss, I want to show you everything on my mind,
walking for hours, never think of the time
raining or sunny weather, we weather the storm just fine
and whether you lay on a bed of feathers or thorns, I
wanna be next to you.
I asked her where she wanted to go, she said
“somewhere colourful, at the end of the road,
where we don’t have to get up early and don’t have to be home,
and we don’t have to really worry about tapping a phone”
Said I agree, so hop in, let’s head to the sea,
Music up, windows down, now we’re catching a breeze.
Dancing and singing and laughing, learning how to be free.
Thinkin’ I never really want you to leave.
So will you be


Down, girl look around,
sun rising, we’re on the balcony lookin’ out.
The world is ours, we just gotta show these people how,
chillin like there ain’t shit on the syllabus for a while,
then we, paddle out, it’s a slow life.
We’ll be back sippin’ mimosas before the ocean’s at full tide,
Hop in that Studey and ride, that ’49,
My foot on the gas pedal, you leanin’ over to drive.
And we can dance on our own, playin another slow hit,
swingin’ and moving slow, yellin’ Thank God for showbiz,
really we Colorado, pure freedom out in the open,
Chasin’ these freakin’ dollars and dream of seeing the ocean.
I know this, I tore my hope up before and you sewed this,
We bumpin’ Frank Sinatra, doors open, well I hope this
Is different, on the balcony watching you speak,
Thinkin’ I never really want you to leave.
So will you be


Are you down, sayin’ girl are you down,
To hit up lazy rivers listening to “Come Around”
Are you down, sayin’ girl are you down,
To break the hourglass, make a beach upon the ground,
Are you down, sayin’ girl are you down,
To get roped into something we’ll remember for awhile.
Are you down, sayin’ girl are you down…


from Oasis - EP, released October 13, 2015


all rights reserved



Dylan Montayne Los Angeles, California

Southwest. @dylanmontayne on everything.

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