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Charade - EP

by Dylan Montayne

One Time 02:26
One Time [Chorus] I’m saying let it ride for one time, while I trade in all my life, an eye for one eye. I swear that I won’t lie for one, not one rhyme. Get it started I’ma write, write just one line. [Verse] But I guarantee when I come back to it, no longer a joke. Bet you already knew it, but y’all should’ve known. Believing in “Just Do It”, but y’all sittin’ close to a tiny little cubicle, tie and a coat. But I’m tying the rope, hanging down from the window of my town. Don’t really care, but I’m making ‘em proud. Sit down, strap in, and prepare for the sound… Of a tiny little whitey growing up at the back of the bus rhyming, surrounded by rhythm and impeccable drum timing, the shouting in the kitchen was really just inspiring, learning to dodge all the bowls and plates flying. Crack! On the other side. Think I come from anything, you crack in another pipe. Think of competition and I’m cracking up inside. Got bigger ambition than a crackhead with a knife, dangerous, and I’m made to bust anything to get what I need, while you fade to rust, finally I know where to be, turning walls to dust, finally they’re letting me speak, it’s in all of us, gotta show I know how to bleed. I’m educated, not decorated, you wanna hate? Well I’m waitin’, to hear you say it. You’re unaware, well I’m unabated. You underwear and I’m underrated. I’m prepared and I must say it, that I made it ride… for one time [Chorus] Let it ride for one time, while I trade in all my life, an eye for one eye. I swear that I won’t lie for one, not one rhyme. Get it started I’ma write, write just one line, one time…
American Idols (Featuring Irv Da PHENOM! & Mr. Brown) [Verse 1 – Dylan Montayne] Got a thing for the business, what? Read a book, wouldn’t condone us. Too much heat for the windows up. Kid’s hot, call the Mottola’s. Glad that I’m back, and the kid grown up. Had to be cracking a big quota. Had to see the flack all the kids wrote up, when they get shown up, and they been corrupt. Never been a pain to stay busy. Nothing was the same, this ain’t Drizzy. I got my head on straight, and wouldn’t bet on fate, but got the bars to make you stay dizzy. Giving a sh*t what the kids see. You want a pop star? Put on radio Disney. You want a rock star, up in a cop car, wanna talk stars. Think about it: Miley and Lindsay. Ok, it’s obvious what you want…not me. All the people gon’ flaunt, got G’s, all the newest Vuitton’s, (Fe)rrari’s and the bluest Buggat’s. No sir. In a French-ass restaurant, take your time with my damn croissant. I don’t mind if the camera’s off, economically nonchalant. [Chorus – Mr. Brown] So they say they drive a Rolls, acting like a gangsta, But them just some pranksta, trying to make the paper. You know they sell their soul via dirty business. Just a hypocrite they all of them wicked hearted. [Verse 2 – Dylan Montayne] I’m a little bit of gold, and a little bit of blue, and a little bit of flow, and a little bit of cool. True that, if my goal was to get up in a coupe, I’d have been up in a New York City with a suit. And I could done that too easy, too easy, no reason, please believe me. All I see are whores for this cheesy, so I’ll pass on the Morgan Sleazy. Breeze upon a new Prince, while you’re busy putting cleaner on your new kicks, stack ‘em up and take picture like I care, when you Instagram, all I’m gonna see’s a closet-ruled b*tch. So unfeasible that you’re rich, showin’ off, man you need to find a new niche. Maybe you’re just seeing too many of them flicks where people are given wealth for not doing sh*t. How bout this? Try to be original one time, instead of repeating Lil Wayne’s pitiful punchlines. I’m about to beat the sucker bully in the lunch line, while my bro’s saving the world up on the front line. Oh my, Mama’s sayin’, “What happened to him? Come on son, you could be a master student!” Sorry Ma, but I’d rather be a mass influence to a massive movement of master students. But wait… they don’t really wanna see me soar, ‘cause Chief Keef bring ‘em to the TV more, believe me, y’all don’t wanna see me bored, ‘cause I’ll go to KMG and let a king be born. [Chorus – Mr. Brown] [Verse 3 – Irv Da PHENOM!] Oh Mr. DJ, we no want no wack sh*t, Oh Mr. DJ, turn that real sh*t on. DJ, DJ, why you no play my son g, I got that fire sh*t, that sh*t is lukewarm, But still all I hear on the mothaf*ckin’ radio is wack sh*t on the daily. It never cease to amaze me, maybe I’m the one that’s crazy, ‘Cause I’m comin’ with some content in my sh*t when I be rhymin’. I’ve been swept up under the rug, because I don’t talk about enough diamonds. I don’t throw up enough B’s or C’s, in the booth I don’t do enough lyin’. Maybe I don’t promote enough violence, or the names of the brands that I’m buying. I just want to make music for me and my rebels, get smarter and start up a riot. Underground, mainstream, f*ck ‘em all, same thing. Lion when I’m rhymin’ in this jungle I remain king… In this jungle I remain king. PHENOM!
Breaking Me Down (Featuring Duncan) [Chorus – Duncan] Keep talkin’ like that way dog, I know you ain’t talkin’ ‘bout me. All I know is I need a way out, So why you always gotta doubt me? You try to keep breaking, breaking me down, But there ain’t no breaking, breaking me now. [Verse 1] I tried to listen, to a photograph, it told me “go and get it”, I told it “hold me back”. Holding my soul in prison, losing control of that, knowing I’ll be forgiven, hoping that no one asks. Catastrophe closing fast, know my history is overcast, Amontillado, I hold the cask, reawaken the ghosts of past. Blood boiling, temper hot as a pyro in Cairo, got ‘bout five thousand reasons I’m re-upin’ my survival. Why my eyes low, I’m a psycho, and you know I been developing a tight flow, Gotta do it, I’m representing the white folk, no question mark and no typo. Been used a little bit like Michael, but still kickin’ like Tae Bo, and I’m still walkin’ that tightrope, and I still ain’t finding no rivals. Heavily jaded, I’ve been masticated, now safe to say that I’ll be going unaided. Ok to pray that I’ll be re-educated, rededicated ‘till my soul is vacated. Been desecrated and I’m still underrated, so I’ma parade it unanticipated, ‘till a hater wishin’ me “happy belated”, I’m on my way up and I’m happy to say it. [Chorus] [Verse 2] Now I’m watching the clock, (tickety-tickety-tock), taking key to the top, I ain’t gonna knock, I’m picking the lock. Might look like I didn’t belong, but came out the womb and I threw on some Pac, who would’ve thought, I’d flip the world over the top, now we’re pursuing the cops. My life is backwards. I’m not a rapper. Born to be a blue collar, became a scholar after. Sewing my own rope and now I’m hanging from the rafters. Give it to the kids and you can skip a couple chapters. So thank you all for showing up, Colorado throw it up, born in California that’s important so I’m showin’ love, Santa Fe we boarded, got retarded, and we tore it up, Indiana hammered, where’s your manners? Share and pour it up. A’int taking more of us, take mine and board it up, my generation thanks you for the nation you’ve afforded us. Ignoring these issues, wish you’d see that you’re ignoring us. Wonder why the children wanna see just what a .40 does?
Letting You Win (Featuring Ashley Kisner) [Verse 1] I just lost my job, I should be mad about it, but I got a bonfire heart, and so I sat around it, listened to the words it spoke to me, and learned this music really ain’t no joke to me, and I can do anything. Or that’s what they told me as a kid. I guess the older you get, the less you’re listenin’. Grew up, and learned the world’s tough, but still ain’t giving in. If you knew the f*ckin’ waterfall I had to swim against. Still got a pocket full of fingers grabbing hope. Oh sh*t, I spent that on parking, and now I’m broke, but smoke it if you got it, or pour another shot up, auditors comin’ I’m standing here applauding, never letting you win [Verse 2] Heard it isn’t where you from, but where your residence at. So got my head in holy water and my feet in the casket. ‘Bout to get this country higher than the federal tax, this what happens when an educated gentlemen raps. It’s all good though; don’t dwell in the past, ‘cause now I got more shine than Thomas Edison had. Transcending my past, on my Waldo Emerson path, until I’m chillin’ next to Ellen in my letterman jacket, talking modern convention, I’m severing that. Doing anything less, wouldn’t settle with that. Better a chance of me whistling Dixie out of my ass, with our president draped in a f*ckin’ Confederate flag. If heaven don’t got rap, I’m hoping that they sendin’ me back. One day my bosses will be quoting my degenerate ass. No severance package, I’ll be fine though. If you ain’t noticed I’ve been given gift of rhyme, bro! Letting you win? Hell no.
Too Good Lookin’ [Verse 1] Ok, she’s got our focus, and looks like she knows it, tiny black dress, low cut with the back open, walkin’ through the bar it’s illegal to be smokin’, she don’t’ notice all the creatine bros flexin’ like Hogan. Getting swole, and packing Trojans, grabbin’ bros, talking closing ‘till she walks close, and now they frozen. But she’s been hot since 17, has better things in focus, like a ballplayer with tendency of spreadin’ things like Moses. She’s a 10 or more, honest I can’t count. And like a white dude at Howard she stands out. That model walk, hourglass, and subtle curls, we’re talkin’ the finest chick in the history of the world. America’s most wanted, deserving the most sonnets, skulling those courtesy shots straight with no tonic, ‘Grammin’ pictures her and her b*tches hearted by 400, no wonder average Joes loaded to go huntin’. [Chorus] Never walks through the party unnoticed, catchin’ eyes from the whole damn place. Girl you’re too good lookin’ and you know that sh*t. Think the bar started spinning slow motion, but she walks at her own damn pace. Girl you’re too good lookin’ and you know that sh*t. [Verse 2] See me, see me come down with another babe, and she’s rockin’ that outfit – no Prada made. Talk to me girl ‘bout this, ain’t gotta pay, join me for a Colada then nada faltará me. Not amazed with me until she sees that I got a raise, rolling up in a black Range, smoking Havana-mades, with a gold watch, gold money clip, and gold chains, wanna go shop, Coach, Fendi, Ricci, Cartier. Well, guess I’m to blame, I do what I can to please her. I pay what I can to make rent, and give what I can to Caesar. She’s ordering the top shelf while I’m poppin’ a can of PBR, feel a tug on my keister, that’s her grabbing for my Visa. But I don’t f*ck with stuck up smug women ain’t gonna talk to me, all I need, a friendly mamacita serving guac to me. She’s got her own cash, not tryin’a get guap from me. Don’t need a girl exhausting my wallet, costing me possibly half my worth, she know she’s worth it though, so there goes half my worth, causing me vertigo. Her loyalty to these designers is getting personal, yelling, “these are so damn cute!”… I’ve never heard of those. Who knew a pair of heels could cost a G, trips to the mall got me feelin’ like I got to flee. Damn, you know the girl was born to shopping spree, coppin’ 3 designer shoes and some socks for me. [Bridge] [Chorus]
Linger (Featuring Ashley Kisner) [Verse 1] I would’ve put the back of the bus in the foreground, they wouldn’t take the racket of us to the morgue now, I got more from the sack of the lunch than was forced down my throat, I sold my soul to the quotes in each course, wow. Impressive little children with adult minds, but ain’t taking adult time to rally up the troops, get a vote to go and set off mines. A simple smile from a dimpled gal with the southern drawl, moved from Alabama with pig tails and overalls. Kinda fowl the way we called her certain nouns, gotta close the curtain now, ‘cause everything is working out. You’d be lying if you don’t remember the first time you laid your eyes on the prize, considered a birthright. You sit and converse right in front of her, but scared to turn around, now she’s flirting with the kid that’s from another side of town. Her name was Molly, she was beautiful, so friendly and suitable, promised to be dutiful but Molly’s un-recruitable. Angel, irrefutable, knew the girl wasn’t doable, but soon I’m seeing nothin’ consumable that ain’t usable, place it up on the crucible, burn it like its removable from the soul of a sailor, this sinking ship inexcusable. But who’s to know, if you’re sinking with it, sh*t is beautiful. Cowards jumpin’ ship and it’s semi-unconstitutional. Hate to bring in “–ism’s”, we all livin’ institutional, I’m ‘bout to give it all for this girl that I ain’t soon to know, delusional. [Chorus – Ashley Kisner] Why do I linger? Why do I come back for more? Why cant I just say goodbye to all those things you promised before? Why do I linger? Why do I come back for more? I’ve given you everything but you wont let me close that door. [Verse 2] Full of empty promises, still reading ‘bout common sense, addicted to commas, but period - I’m autonomous. Still I’m living honorless, honestly counting prominence, my pompousness is bottomless, I’m avoiding anonymous. With a consciousness tall as a metropolis, a fortified Acropolis could never live as long as this. Sick to see incompetence drinking my stream of consciousness, I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout rap, I thought the fact was freakin’ obvious. You ever felt insane for minute, then never snap out? Racking my brain for a limit, but never cap out. That girl remained independent, no depend on appendage, so complete and so transcendent she quickly had me ascending. Here I am at the back of the bus getting addicted. Never thought I’d have to be tough, admitting a sickness. Never thought I’d have to give up my soul just to get this lifted, now hold the flame to the only polaroid witness, what is this… [Chorus] [Bridge] And I don’t know how to go on, been waiting here for so long, I want to leave, I want to go, I try but I fall to the floor. [Chorus]
Charade 05:15
Charade [Chorus] Hideaway, go and hide your face, don’t look other ways, You sign to behave, no time to complain; Jump on the grenade, cradle to the grave, the line has a place, go play the charade. [Verse 1] Hideaway, go bury your fate, deep into the cycle, getting paid, then blow it away, talk about survival. “How’d I get this way?” ‘Cause your mind was fixed this way; Put it all on the black, never looking past another business day. What should I do? Follow the rules, they gon’ get me through; Never skew, ignoring your interests, then watch it accrue. Stuck up in this box, now I'm waking up hoping for the apocalypse. Get back in line, you better get that hope off your lips. Trapped in another day, better wash it away, drinking after work is like a hideaway, get my mind erased. Gotta stay inside of the pace, fall back in disgrace, keeping up with the neighbors, they got Mercedes GLK, home with a foyer, big black gate, wear Tom Ford, afford to have taste, and they got the f****n’ lawyers to put up on the case when their teenage daughter’s layin’ on her face with her hands cuffed up. “S**t how I’m gonna cover this? My stock ticker really ain’t recovering. Any minute they could be restructuring. Compete till I’m 6 feet under them.” [Chorus] [Verse 2] Time melt away, never seen again, a Dali vision, the clock creepin’ in. Hell yeah man, living for the weekend. Every day I'm praying for the reaper, man. School taught me what degree to get, told me the limits I could be within, “Keep your dreaming in, you better sink or swim, bada bing, is it sinking in?” You are looking at the kid working 9 to 5, then a 5 to 9, breaking the habits of having life, can’t admit I’m alive (a lie). Caffeine fueled, tapping too deep in my credit limit, buying time, counting the decimals and counting minutes. But I gotta finish another day on the hot seat, can’t breathe, I’m engulfed in concrete. Made a living, look at all it cost me. And thinking that I could’ve been a Wolf of Wall Street? See, they got me, complete monotony, knowing all I got are memories and car seats. I see my boss, so let me fill my coffee, keep marching on beat. [Chorus] [Bridge] By the way you’re staring at me, declaring my fate, listening to nothing you say, not lookin’ away, Staring straight, you stay in your lane, I’m standing my place. Not afraid to alter the play, quit the masquerade. Under weight you follow the maze, wont find an escape. ‘Nother day, you follow the name, never seen the face. You just played, who’s hittin’ the A, B at the arcade? ‘Till you fade, till you fade away, till you fade away…


released January 8, 2015


all rights reserved



Dylan Montayne Los Angeles, California

Southwest. @dylanmontayne on everything.

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